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There's so much I could put right here about my life recently, summer happenings, recent shenanigans, but I'm far too tired and far too pissed off. And, it's passed September so the Suicide Prevention and Awareness fundraiser for the out of the darkness walk is over for this year.
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I will be joining with thousands of people nationwide this fall to walk in AFSP's Poulsbo WalkOut of the Darkness Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I would appreciate any support that you give me for this worthwhile cause.

As many of you may already know for the past three years I have been actively giving my support to the AFSP community, as well as my own. AFSP is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Awareness. At first with working with the organization I worked with them because I had depression and did not want people to feel what I had felt in having it. I had never been affected by suicide before, and had hoped I would never be affected by it.

In December of 2013 I lost a classmate to suicide. It was devastating, heartbreaking, and unexpected. I knew him personally, and I talked to him and rode the bus with him. He was so funny and loved to play pranks on people. I am back this year with force to ensure that people are well aware that suicide is a life altering issue and to teach people that suicide is preventable, that everyone has the potential to save a life, and that no one is alone.

Any support is greatly appreciated. Even if you are unable to donate money, I strongly urge you to share my donation page with friends, family, or colleagues. I cannot stress the importance of this matter enough.

Update: I have not raised nearly as much as I did the previous year, and I'd just like to point out that even though this journal hasn't been updated, this fundraiser is continuous and ends in the middle of September! So please, spread the word.

Thank you,
Click here to donate to my fundraising page, or to pass the information along.
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Over the years of being on dA for so long, I've grown as a writer. Starting with things suchs as:

Brats and BitchesBrats are like bitches
who are like tattoos.
They're painful but
with a high tolerance
they're nothing and
you get used to them.
But bitches are airbrushed as
they're not permanent and
your life is not altered by them.
Swatting flies.
Brats are like bitches,
and bitches are like tattoos.

Humble ComradesDrag your arms up over your head,
and be triumphant.
Proud salute to many,
of your comrades.
Stay humble as can be,
say thank you and yes please.
Remain triumphant.
Comrades congratulations,
thank you, yes please.
Put your arms down and bow,
Standing ovation,
yes please.
Close your eyes and sleep,
thank you.

Ice and IciclesEyelashes and eye-cicles, twinkle-tink.
Hearts and heartthrobs, bum-bum-bumpt.
No connection together, none, causing trouble.
Mischief, in your eyes, telling me all about the days you keep quiet of.
Whisper to my heart, baby, and tell me about your eyes.
I'll be your heartthrob, baby, warm away those eye-cicles, baby.
Be mine, baby, your mischief is exciting.
Be mine, baby, your trouble I'll create.
Be my heartthrob, baby, whisper me your secret love.
Be mine, baby, it's winter and I'm hot.
I crave your eyescicles, baby.
Your mischief is mine and your trouble I create, baby.
Today we'll let you create mine.

To others such as:
Good Morrow, MoonOff to bed I must fly, sitting on the clouds way high up
And coloring silver linings green,
And stars orange,
Wishing the moon goodnight,
And the sun a good morrow.

Soilthe roots
they did vastly
extend like
baby’s fingers
pushing on mothers bellies
the roots
they did seep
towards the bones
masterminding a
emphatic destruction
but decrepit

Woeful WarMusic is like war,
It clashes and reverberates,
Through every soul.
Has a resounding sadness,
And an overwhelming joy.
People can hear it,
And some say they can feel it,
Even When,
Miles away.

And finishing off with a DD in my dA art career!
With Love, AprilDarling,
I thought I saw you on the evening train today. Your hair was flowing, red and fiery like it normally was. Except it had a different shine to it this time like you had moved on – like you weren’t looking back…except you did look over your shoulder – a glance –  to adjust the strap that was slipping off. It… wasn’t you, though.  The smile cascaded to a frown and I turned to look at someone else’s stranger.
I considered burning the rest of your clothes your mother didn’t ask for (I couldn’t bring myself to do it). I sat in the vintage yellow seats of our kitchen instead, drinking strawberry tea out of your chipped green cocoa mug and staring at the starfish above the window in place of your mother. I considered shattering the cup, since she didn't ask for it either. I couldn't bring myself to do it. She didn’t know what she was doing. if she had, she would’ve taken all of you from me. I kno
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There's so much I could put right here about my life recently, summer happenings, recent shenanigans, but I'm far too tired and far too pissed off. And, it's passed September so the Suicide Prevention and Awareness fundraiser for the out of the darkness walk is over for this year.
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